Slavov lab | Quantitative Biology
Seeking  principles
in the coordination among protein synthesis, metabolism, cell growth and differentiation
  • Help each lab member to grow as a scientist / engineer and become more independent
  • Learn to prioritize, to focus on the essential and ignore distractions
  • Learn to formulate and test hypotheses
  • Develop new skills
  • Make discoveries and develop methods that are conceptually original, distinctive & non-redundant.
  • Publish papers, advance our careers and raise support for the goals above.

  • Scheduling
    • All scheduling is done via the lab google calendar that will be shared with you.

  • Data Sharing & Communication
    • Announcement to the entire group are sent via the group email:
    • We also communicate via lab slack account:
    • We share data and collaborate on manuscripts via google drive and google docs
    • The slides for all lab presentations have to be placed in the designated google drive folder.
    • We have a business lab google account with unlimited data storage for mass-spec data. It is

  • Weekly group meeting
    • Summarize results from the last 1-2 months or lead a journal club discussion. The goal is to present your results more holisticaly in perspective. We rotate alphabetically according the order from our website.
    • Get feedback from everybody and practice your presention skills.

  • Weekly club meetings
    • Design experiments, set goals, get help with data analysis and interpretation
    • Present less mature results to colleagues who need little background
    • Update on goals set the previous week / month.
    • To stay focused and organized, we follow Focus 20/20:
      • Start with the central point / goal of the presented work
      • Presenations are up to 20 min max.

  • General Meeting Time (GMT)
    • Questions of limited interest for the rest of the group
    • Detailed feedback on manuscripts, career development, et al.
    • If you want a 1-1 meeting, book a slot within the GMT slots.
The meetings do not have to take the full allotted time. We generally book longer periods than I expect we will need.

Introductory resources


Ribosome Specialization